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Debt Collection Rates

Claim   Contingent Fee
Non-Legal   25%
Legal   35%
Out Of Business or Insolvency   50%
Amount under $300   50%

*When litigation becomes necessary your case will be ready for our experienced attorneys to institute immediate action against the debtor. Advanced Investigative and Discovery Expenses (“AID Expenses”) are used to cover the following where and when applicable:
  1. Background searches of the Corporation, Company, or Individuals.

  2. Asset Searches, i.e. Lien, real Estate and Personal. In-depth analysis of corporate structure, inclusive of Board of Directors and Stockholders where necessary.

  3. Expedited Service of Complaint, Filing Fees, and Index Number.
About ARMS
Accounts Receivable Management Solutions (ARMS), sister company of Information Clearinghouse, Inc., is a comprehensive credit risk assessment outsource specializing in private company information. Our extensive database, which consists of more than 50,000 company profiles, along with our interactive credit intelligence dashboard and second-to-none customer service, is the foundation for what now provides today's busy credit executive with all their needs in a single resource. The three key executives of ARMS collectively have over 100 years of credit and insolvency management experience and, as such, the Company is uniquely positioned to provide a perspective superior to other financial reporting services.

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