About Us
Accounts Receivable Management Solutions (ARMS), sister company of Information Clearinghouse, Inc., is a comprehensive credit risk assessment outsource specializing in private company information. Our extensive database, comprised of more than 50,000 company profiles, along with our interactive credit intelligence dashboard and second-to-none customer service consistently meets the needs of today's busy credit executive. The three key executives of ARMS collectively have over 100 years of credit and insolvency management experience and, as such, the Company is uniquely positioned to provide a perspective superior to other financial reporting services.
Companies Of High Interest
BJ's Wholesale Club Holdings, Inc.
Dial Industries, Inc.
Stark Foods Inc.
Overstock.com, Inc.
Ronald A. Chisholm, Ltd
HPC Foodservice
Army & Air Force Exchange Service
Jake's, Inc.
Accounts Receivable Management Solutions Dashboard
  My Portfolio
Filters all companies being sold by your company by movement in the ARMS Payment Score (APS). You will be able to see at a glance any customer on your A/R that is experiencing deteriorating payment trends and can mouse over any APS icon for an interactive six-month trending chart.
  Late Payment Risk Module
Tracks the "quality" of your companies' receivables based on an APS stratification.
  My Accounts Receivable Aging
Provides a quick visual reference of your trade tape broken out by aging buckets and amount outstanding. The widget is presented in a user-friendly layout, making it easy for you to communicate your accounts receivable performance to the credit and finance departments.
  Notification Center / Real-Time Bulletin
We constantly monitor derogatory information received every day from litigation records, state and federal tax liens, supplier delinquency reports and Bankruptcy Court electronic monitoring. This information is compared to your portfolio, and you are alerted in your Notification Center for immediate review and action as you deem appropriate. It is important to note that this is updated in real time as information is received.
  Peer Payment Comparison
As a trade tape participant, at a glance you are able to compare your company's specific customer aging experience to that of the composite experience of all other providers in your segment. You can also quickly identify collection opportunities via the "Accounts Paying Us Slower" listing.
  Company of High Interest
This module displays those companies in your portfolio that are receiving the greatest level of interest from your fellow credit executives. A company receiving a large number of hits may or may not be cause for concern; however, it is a good practice to be aware so that you are not blindsided by a troublesome situation or that your sales team does not miss an opportunity if the interest is positive.
  Customer Concentration Map
Quickly identify customers that might be impacted by a natural disaster or target industry-specific companies with healthy payment behavior that are not currently being serviced by your brand.
  Deteriorating Payment Trends
Portfolio-driven interface designed to easily identify slow-paying accounts or customers trending in the wrong direction.
Credit Report Database
Subscribers receive unlimited access to over 30,000 company credit files operating in more than 20 industry segments. Reports include a historical overview, principals, annual sales, banking relationships, trade experience, peer trending, UCC filings, lawsuits, judgments, liens, view location feature, and more.
Real-Time Alert Service
Portfolio-driven service providing subscribers with electronic and/or telephonic alerts on actionable derogatory information concerning companies of common interest. Those that provide a trade tape enjoy the added benefit of automated portfolio management.
  Credit Executive Report
Designed specifically for today's busy credit executive, this interactive report provides a monthly snapshot of your entire accounts receivable portfolio including a 'thumbnail' review of your Top 20 accounts, peer payment comparisons, key financial data trends, alert summaries, payment and credit scoring trending and easy identification of high-risk accounts using our proprietary credit scoring model. Subscribers not participating in the trade tape program will receive a modified industry-based report. Please note that certain areas of this report require services provided by sister companies F&D Reports (Private Client Group Subscribers) or Creditntell (Crystal Service Subscribers).
  Chapter 11 Daily / Bankruptcy Coverage
We send you a daily summary of prior-day filings in every jurisdiction (94) with our Chapter 11 Daily publication along with daily portfolio-driven bankruptcy alerts. A direct link to each petition/creditors list is available in the Chapter 11 Daily and our bankruptcy database.
  Chapter 11 Recap
Semi-annual review of the most impactful Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings with a breakdown of their store closures and outcome.
  Bankruptcy Database
A comprehensive historical database of commercial Chapter 11 bankruptcies including a direct link to the petition/creditor's list.
  Tomorrow's News Today (TNT) Tracker / TNT Database
Our TNT Tracker publication displays anticipated layoffs as well as store, plant, and facility closings. Each listing includes the number of employees, effective date and the precise location of the closing in an easy-to-read format.
  Payment Scoring Report
Our proprietary payment scoring methodology in a condensed format. Separate PSR available on the predominately privately-held foodservice distribution industry.
  Foodservice Payment Scoring Report
A dashboard of North American foodservice distributors ranked by our proprietary payment score (APS).
Client Services Center
  New Credit Investigations
With an average of 15 years of credit experience, our credit investigation team is always at your disposal to assist in processing new credit applications while keeping all credit file content current on your existing customers. The number of credit investigations (additional fee) to be determined by subscriber.
  Credit Application Portal
The Credit Application Portal was designed by our team of seasoned credit professionals to provide a faster and more efficient solution to the typically time-consuming and labor-intensive credit application/new customer investigation process using end-to-end automation. The online platform tracks the status of every step in the customer onboarding process and includes customized electronic credit applications and trade reference forms, paperless reference requests, online document storage, and complete workflow automation. The Credit Application Portal is supported through ARMS' ™ in-house investigation team and monitored accounts are tracked for any future derogatory, credit-relevant news items.
  API Feeds
Available in various formats, our API enables subscribers to stream our business information seamlessly into their enterprise-wide systems, commercial software or web applications.